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About Us

Deborah Miller has been interior designer reinventing kitchens and bathrooms for over 25 years. She started her first job right out of Design School in Brazil, where she owned 4 kitchen and bathroom stores. In her new professional phase, now in USA she had many successful projects finalized in partnership with well recognized companies as Mr. Kitchen, Carolyn Miller Interiors, Renewable Living, Amazon Design Center and other.

Deborah Miller Designs’ business philosophy is to create sophisticated and beautiful environment respecting the client’s tastes and preferences, always presenting new approved materials and ideas. Her eye aims for the contemporary, transitional and traditional looks as well.

You can expect from Deborah Miller meeting to determine the scope of work to be performed. Planning room layouts, selection of materials, presentation with 3d images generated  by design program 2020 technology, which is one of her specialties, where you will be able to actually “see” your room as will be when finalized. Samples of all materials as wood, granite, marble, fabric, wallpaper, glass will be showed during presentation also. Several visits to inspect the construction or renovation site can be expected as well, the continuing consultation with the designer during the course of the project is one of her fortes.

Securing contractor needed to provide services for the completion of the design project, including specifications of work to be done is one of her commitments with her clients.

Deborah Miller has a very strong belief in working closely with her clients to create an innovated room that will make one happy and proud.

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